Urthecast and SIIS sign global distribution agreement

KOMPSAT-3A image of the Adolfo Su·rez MadridñBarajas Airport in Madrid, Spain (CNW Group/UrtheCast Corp.)

21 December 2017 

Vancover-based Urthecast and the distributor of Korea’s KOMSAT series have linked up in a mutual global distribution pact.

The agreement with SI Imaging Services (SIIS) includes images from Deimos-1 and -2 – from Urthecast’s Madrid-based Earth observation subsidiary – and data from KOMPSAT-2, -3, 3A and -5 giving customers choice from a large portfolio of X-band SAR and optical data in a range of resolutions from 22m – 0.4m per pixel.

SIIS vice president Wookhyun Choi said the arrangement was “a great opportunity to broaden our reach and widen our geospatial data distribution options” while Diemos Imaging chief executive Fabrizio Pirondini said it “confirms the importance of partnerships and alliances with other stakeholders to significantly accelerate decision making in a great variety of fields.”

The combination of radar with very high-resolution optical imagery allows observation of Earth day and night, regardless of weather conditions making it useful for monitoring the same area of interest and real-time responses such as emergency services, border and maritime surveillance and defence and security.