EarthSense releases UK air pollution map

30 November 2017

EarthSense Systems, a joint venture between the University of Leicester and UK aerial survey company Bluesky International, has released an online high resolution mapping service that shows air pollution hotspots across the UK.

MappAir uses air pollution readings from satellites and its own Zephyr air quality ground sensors combined with open source data including traffic emissions and weather conditions. By dividing the UK into 100 metre squares based on the British National Grid the service can calculate an annual average for each cell.

Initially available at 100 metre resolution MappAir will reveal nitrogen dioxide changes across the country and within towns and cities, highlighting likely sources as well as potential clean-air refuge areas.

James Eddy of Bluesky and managing director at EarthSense says: “There simply isn’t enough data available for those charged with tacking the issue [of air pollution] to make informed decisions. MappAir can provide a street-view to city-wide visualisation of air pollution.” He adds that this is the first in a series of nationwide products that are comping to the market next year.

As additional sensors come online and more historical data is made available, EarthSense plans to produce a range of MappAir products, including an ultra-high resolution 1m dataset for detailed study areas, a historical time series of maps showing how air pollution changes over the course of the day and on different days and forecast maps giving an indication of fluctuations up to three days ahead. EarthSense promises also to release a map of PM2.5 (ultrafine pollution particles smaller than 2.5 micrometres).

The MappAir data is available to view and purchase online at

EarthSense is mapping air pollution across the UK (EarthSense)